Pretty easy! Just click on "Get Started" to fill your name and your current pharmacy. Or click on through the Phone Number link below to call 1-800-206-4266. We will transfer all prescriptions and let you know when ready

No! Your doctor can send us a new prescription directly. When you're at your doctor's office, you can let them know that Sutton Apothecary is your pharmacy. The doctor can fax us your prescriptions to 1-866-289-3435. We will get it ready and let you know.

Our Customer Experience Team is available 7 days a week and we offer 2 ways to get in contact.Email and Chat . We try to reply quickly, so you need not to wait too long for a response!.

That's what our team are here for! You can reach us from the convenience of your phone by texting or calling 1-800-206-4266. Live Consultation with our pharmacist is now available, just a click away to 1-800-206-4266. We would love to hear from you

That's awesome! You can always invest in your health and get one of our "Health Packs". These packs are loaded with the supplements that fits your budget and stay healthy. Click on "COMPARE PACKAGES"

We are here to help! Call or text us on 1-800-206-4266 and you can reach us directly. Easy!

Yes! Our delivery is free. No hidden fees or charges!

Ezypills is a pharmacy provided service which organizes all your medications AND vitamins in an easy to take blisters sorted by dates and times in the week. It helps patients to be independant managing their own multiple medications. The best of all, this service is free!

Yes! We accept all major insurance carriers, even corporate and government plans. If it was always covered at your previous pharmacy, it will be covered with Sutton Apothecary.

It's True and Real! Our goal is your health and affordable services, offered to from the convenience of your home